All in My World

The Search-Lorenzo’s Oil

Life can have a funny sense of timing. Watching Lorenzo’s Oil (1992), a drama about a parent’s fight for their son’s life who became sick with a rare and incurable disease that greatly affected his neuromuscular ability, months before I became a quadriplegic, in a surreal foreshadowing of what was to come, qualifies as one of those instances.

The Undiagnosed Disease Network

The Undiagnosed Disease Network is a medical program affiliated with 12 hospitals; an impressive and potentially hopeful program for patients who have ailments that can not be diagnosed or identified. If you are accepted, the team of different specialists go to exhaustive lengths over the course of one week to identiify, diagnosis and potentially treat what ails you. Sounds perfect for a medical mystery like me.

A Shriek or A Scream?

When I’m watching a game, like really watching, I’m not that much for talking, I’m all about reacting. My mother knows this, everyone in our house who works for her, knows this, (as I’ve been talking about the games.) Except, they forgot recently… And my bereft gasp in horror as the opposing team scored yet again…

Book Corner

I recently did something quite out of character: I read several books about others going through life changing illness. I tend to avoid these books like the plague, partly because if I tend to read books to escape, not compare, and in the past had found little comfort when I had read the stories. Two books were so excellent, that I want to share them with you.