All in My World

A Shriek or A Scream?

When I’m watching a game, like really watching, I’m not that much for talking, I’m all about reacting. My mother knows this, everyone in our house who works for her, knows this, (as I’ve been talking about the games.) Except, they forgot recently… And my bereft gasp in horror as the opposing team scored yet again…

Book Corner

I recently did something quite out of character: I read several books about others going through life changing illness. I tend to avoid these books like the plague, partly because if I tend to read books to escape, not compare, and in the past had found little comfort when I had read the stories. Two books were so excellent, that I want to share them with you.

Snow Day

Like so much of the U.S., we recently have been experiencing a cold blast, almost heralding in the arrival of the holidays. With the crackling wind, it reminded me of a fun memory from a few years back when we had received a heavy dusting of snow. Watson, my friend, at-one-time-caregiver, and all around medical-co-conspirator, was spending the day with me...


I admire those people in life who endure their bittersweet anniversaries by powering through them. They are the ones who don’t dwell on the past, but immerse themselves in the present. I envy that quality. Me? I look back. I remember the colors, the faces, the smells, the sounds. In my mind I visit it like an old friend.