About Cecilia - The Mystery Girl


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Or at least do everything in your power to let it slow you down as little as possible.

That is what Cecilia Baldwin, aka The Living As A Mystery Girl, has endeavored to do every day for the past 15 plus years. At age 15, she was admitted into the hospital, walking and healthy, except for a viral infection that was wearing her out. She left many weeks later on a gurney, with only the ability to move one finger and blink her eyes. With the power and expertise of a village led by her mother, Cecilia has been battling both for physical recovery and for answers as to the cause and actual systems that have been affected ever since. In a non-stop roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, turns and sheer drops, she has survived a few near-death experiences, endured a “side disease” of advanced stage cancer, watched her own mother battle cancer , and learned to live as much life as possible along the way.

There have been a few times when diagnosis was so close, though seemingly as far away as the Grand Canyon’s divide. The tantalizing carrot at the end of the stick is that doctors don’t understand Cecilia's body at all. In fact, doctors constantly say both that she should make a full recovery, yet, others say that she needs to not move so that some systems—such as the pulmonary system—can work at its best.

After surviving yet another close call at death’s door with a blood infection that was missed for seven months, which occurred by simply trying to treat some of the known diagnoses, Cecilia finally accepts that perhaps the beauty in life is when you stop seeking answers. For the cost of the search might be far too great. Then again, she is only human, and life without hope or definition is not easy to swallow.

Now blessed with her second service dog, Camelot, a white knight in the form of a white standard poodle, Cecilia continues to go forward. Also at her side is her amazing mother, who not only oversees all of Cecilia's care and medical struggles, but keeps her cup overflowing. Along with other family and friends, she survives—and dares to thrive.

These, then, are the musings that she makes along the way.